In the first half hour, Patricia interviews Janet Lee Berg on her new novel, ‘Rembrandt’s Shadow’. She will discuss her new novel, and how it is based on stunning true life events and experiences of her family during the Holocaust. The real story behind the novel appeared in The New York Times article, ‘Heirs Make Huge Claim Over Dutch Art Trade’. In the second half hour, Patricia interviews Joe Carella, the director of the Scandinavian Living Center in Newton, MA and the author of Unlimited Options for Aging. Unlimited Options for Aging is a must-read for caregiving professionals or those considering elder care options for their loved ones. It provides thought-provoking insight and real-world examples of the research that has guided the SLC. He will discuss his personal experience with the elder care system and why it is so important to maintain dignity, community connections and interests as we age.

Listen to the interview here