Rembrandt’s Shadow

REMBRANDT’S SHADOW, based on real-life events, is the story of the early life of Sylvie Rosenberg, the aristocratic daughter of a renowned Jewish art dealer in Holland. She spends the first 15 years of her childhood without ever knowing her father’s love. Until the day he trades his beloved Rembrandt to the Nazis in exchange for her life. She wonders, once the Germans get what they want, will the train doors open to their freedom or to the death camp? Sylvie’s then crushed by her first love’s betrayal – when he goes back on his word to hide her family. The Rosenbergs finally escape to a British internment camp on a Caribbean island where Sylvie is forced to grow up too fast.

She remembers her dreams as a young girl of being swept away by a Prince or a Duke, not the door-to-door salesman she ends up with in America who abandons her and their son Michael. Sylvie becomes consumed with passing on her Jewish heritage to her son while Michael meets obstacles in his lifethe Vietnam War and a girl named Angela, a non-Jew. Then one day in a coincidental meeting in a New York museum, Sylvie once again looks into the eyes of a Rembrandt and realizes what she must sacrifice to save her son.

The sequel to Rembrandt’s Shadow entitled Restitution, soon to follow.

Glitz of the Hamptons

GLITZ OF THE HAMPTONS is a tale of an old soul who wanders through his favorite places in the Hamptons, remembering his life as it once was.

Those of a certain age will identify with his fuzzy eyesight, the pain of his arthritis, and his impatience with places that make you follow the rules. He doesn’t understand why so much fuss is made over celebrities and why nothing remains the same.

Janet Berg tells the story with patience and love and an unexpected twist at the end.

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